Target Leadership - A Safety Leadership eBook
Target Leadership - A Safety Leadership eBook

In the blink of an eye, a routine flight turned tragic. Two lives were lost...Odie's brother and the pilot were killed - Why?

They paid the ultimate price - Odie shares this and other experiences so that you will...

Become a Better Leader.

Our flight plan will elevate you into becoming a Target Leader. You will learn to inspire the desire in others to achieve greater heights in leadership & safety excellence.

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Full Reviews

What they're saying about this phenomenal new safety leadership eBook.

"As a safety professional leader for one of the largest wine companies in the world, I find Target Leadership to be a riveting and inspirational book. I encourage anyone to read it who wants to soar to higher altitudes as not only an individual but also an organization. This book is your flight plan to get there! Odie has the unique ability to remain genuine. You may not remember everything he says, but you will always remem- ber how he made you feel. Whether he is speaking to an audience of thousands or a just a few, Odie relays many of his life’s lessons in humility, leadership, courage, and inward reflection for us to reflect upon for our own personal growth. This book encourages all of us to be a better person, a better leader, a Target Leader in every aspect of our lives. I highly recommend this book."

E. Morgan LeBLanc
Director of West Coast Operations
Constellation Brands Inc.

"The most compelling part of Target Leadership is its pure authenticity. Odie speaks from a personal drive to share his message, rightly believing it will improve safety in the workplace and bring a higher level of personal growth to those who embrace the lessons from those who have gone before us.

Full of captivating examples, Target Leadership provides unprecedented perspective on how to lead any organization to achieve zero accidents through leadership excellence. Odie manages to link leadership traits usually emphasized in professional venues with personal life, making his message applicable not only at work but also in our family life at home. An excellent read certain to hone skills of leaders at all levels and a must-have for all managers in high-reliability organizations where safety is paramount to success."

Matt “Opie” Taylor
Government Flight Test Director
F-35 Lead Test Pilot

"Odie is an enthusiastic speaker and riveting writer who easily connects with his audience. This book is a wonderful read and will vastly increase your leadership knowledge without having to experience many of life’s leadership lessons the hard way. He changes lives one presentation at a time."

Danny L. Raines, CUSP
Raines Utility Safety Solutions LLC

About Jeff "Odie" Espenship

From distinguished Air Force aviator to world class keynote speaker.

While Jeff originally hails from Lake City, FL, he spent most of his childhood among the kudzu and red clay of Georgia. Jeff chose the University of Georgia for his higher education and enrolled in the prestigious Air Force ROTC program.

Jeff Odie Espenship of Target Leadership

Due to his demonstrated leadership and officer ship skills in cadet corps officer training, Jeff was awarded not only a full academic scholarship, but also a USAF pilot training slot. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Jeff spent a year cheating certain death and destruction earning his USAFpilot wings. Having done this better than his classmates, he won the coveted “Commanders Trophy” as the overall top graduate of his pilot training class. Jeff also won the pilot training T-38 Talon’s “Hard Charger Award” for overall dedication to excellence and training.

Jeff became a USAF fighter pilot flying the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt, also known as the “Warthog”. He was stationed with the 18th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska.

While there, he qualified as one of the youngest 4-ship flight leaders in the entire squadron. He served as an instructor and was also combat search and rescue qualified. He won numerous Top Gun awards for air-to-ground bombing and gunnery. Due to Jeff’s outgoing, personable, always smiling, eager to please personality, his squadron mates quickly gave him his callsign “Odie” aptly named after the popular cartoon Garfield’s sidekick.

Now, few people know Jeff by his first name…but simply call him “ODIE.”

After 6 years of dedicated service in the Air Force, Odie decided to fulfill another lifelong dream by becoming an airline pilot. He began his career with Delta Air Lines in 1992, where he currently flies international routes out of Atlanta, GA.

Amid his tenure as an airline pilot, Odie also flew a 1943 T-6 “Texan ” on the airshow circuit. A tragic accident took the life of his brother, as well as the life of the pilot. This significant event in Odie’s life ignited the spark that helped create what TargetLeadership is today.

Odie has two children whom he is immensely proud of, a daughter and a son.

“They inspire me to be a better person every day. They also serve as a reminder for me to be sure my words are congruent with my deeds at all levels of family, business, and friends.”

Safety Leadeship Keynote

The OSHA compliance newsletter described Target Leadership as "trainers who go over the top" to make "safety training sizzle."

This 1 hour Target Leadership Keynote is the core message every company employee needs to hear, delivered by Jeff "Odie" Espenship or Wes "Dahmer" Sharp.

Additional pricing available for a two hour keynote delivered by two speakers. WE CUSTOMIZE OUR PROGRAM TO FIT YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR INITIATIVES, YOUR NEEDS!

Our keynotes are customized, multi-media "Edu-taining" presentations that will motivate and encourage your team to embrace the leadership, culture, safety initiatives that your company has in place for them! We use our stories and experience in order to relate our lessons learned directly to your team in the audience. We refer to each of them as "fighter pilots". They are hard working, highly skilled, well trained, get-it-done people who know how to operate with precision. Many of them may work in high risk and often dangerous work industries such as Chemical, Construction, Petroleum, Utility, Nuclear, Manufacturing, or aviation. The operators, mechanics, technicians, welders, engineers, chemist, nurses, and doctors of these industries are just like a fighter pilots!

However, it is the "The Little Things" that cause failures in the cockpit and on the job!

The keynote begins by reflecting inward. Jeff "Odie" Espenship gives a riveting account on losing his brother and a good friend in a tragic aviation accident. The leadership lessons learned clearly shows how our work behaviors influence those around us.

We will focus on awareness and leadership at all levels Setting Expectations and Monitoring Performance. Leadership creates and maintains the culture of the workplace, and the workers work within the norms of that culture. Leadership must set expectations high and then monitor the performance of those expectations. Expectations will simply come as a byproduct of operational excellence, and operational excellence will come as a byproduct of superb, value based leadership.

Dahmer's message inspires us to think and strive to improve our behavior and actions, by appreciating who you are as a leader. The concept of speed-rush-baseline will hit home with all levels of leadership. Dahmer's personal story of surviving a mid-air collision with another F/A-18 fighter is very powerful when discussing "pressures to perform" in the work place.

Like aviation, when workers recognize a degradation in operational excellence (poor check list usage, failure to brief properly, cutting corners, improper use of procedure(s) / equipment, etc) then fail to "speak up" and communicate due to any number of reasons (complacency, not my job, someone else will fix it, etc.) at the very least we lose efficiency, at worst we lose a life.

Like aviation, when workers recognize a degradation in operational excellence (poor check list usage, failure to brief properly, cutting corners, improper use of procedure(s) / equipment, etc) then fail to "speak up" and communicate due to any number of reasons (complacency, not my job, someone else will fix it, etc.) at the very least we lose efficiency, at worst we lose a life.

Our keynote customizes to fit your needs. We use our stories to underscore the initiatives you want as we talk about the importance of leadership "Setting Expectations", "Monitoring Performance" and "Inward Reflection" for sustained improvement. We blend our message with yours so that every employee in the room will come away with a crystal clear message of why we must PURSUE PERFECTION - ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE when working in a high risk and often dangerous work environment - like a fighter pilot!

To learn more about our award winning safety leadership keynote visit the Target Leadership website.

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